The Great Game

The book “The Great Game” from Peter Hopkirk is a very well written historical summary of the competition between Britain and the Russian empire in the 19th century in central Asia. The book tells stories of success and failing of the two great players, but also tells something about the history and the fate of the former states in this region. Because at least Afghanistan is once again a focus point there, it is interesting to read that most of the problems nowadays are not so new as it seems and most of all, the people there have not changed much. Maybe the Soviets and the ISAF should have read some historical reports in their own archives how complicated it is to invade countries with a long lasting history of resistance …
The history of the huge Himalaya area was totally unknown by me, only about Tibet I have known more but after this book I think were is much more to read. So for everyone who is interested in the history of the great empires this book is a “must read”, not short but fascinating.


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    Thanks, I corrected the link.

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