The value of podcasts

I personally ignored podcasts a long time, maybe mainly I am not one of the kids with iPod. But since I got my current mobile, which has wireless LAN and a very good speaker, I learned that there are a lot of good podcasts out there. The nice thing is now, that my device loads automatically all new podcasts eposides in the night and whenever I’ve time I can listen to them. This makes it fool proved for lazy people like me … now what are my favorites:

  • Hanselminutes
    Scott Hanselman has not only a good website concerning hacking in the Microsoft ecosystem, his weekly podcast is also one of the best.
  • Software Engineering Radio
    The podcast presents very good interviews with bright and celebrated people in software engineering.
  • Agile Toolkit Podcast
    Very good interviews from the bright side of the force.
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
    This is definitely my all time favorite: Stanford brings it’s lectures on entrepreneurship as podcasts and you can listen to people you maybe will never meet but which have thoughts and experience that you will never hear from most people here in Europe. So event if you are not so interested in talks about entrepreneurship, listen to it, it will be interesting!

There are a lot of other good podcasts out there, but at least this four have a constant high quality for their episodes. If only Google Tech Talks can be subscribed as podcasts …


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  1. Gerd Saurer on


    Tech talks can be accessed via a rss feed
    may be that will help you 🙂

    As i know you are interested in google talks there are some other channels i like to watch.

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