ORM or not ORM?

The current .NET Rocks! show #240 has the title “The ORM Smackdown!” and is a after dinner discussion between Ted Neward and Oren Eini (Ayende Rahien). Really worth listening!
I’m currently in the same dilema, using traditional data representation via a relational database or use a alternative technology with an distinct OODB layer. I will stick to the more traditional way because of two reasons: for once, the data model is very flat and hierarchical, more like XML, on the other side the system is data and not domain driven, so a lot of values of a object oriented representation do not provide a advantage. IN addition, a distinct document repository based on Sun ZFS will be used.
On the other side, modern OODBMS such as db4o or hybrids such as Cachè are very fast, work with POJO’s (or PONO’s in the .Net world) and are much easier to handle then the schema evolves. Normally, they are also not the best solution for document oriented data as XML or unstructured text. For this, native XML databases or document storage systems (such as Sun StorageTek 5800) are a better way. Maybe sometimes in the near future every technology will become valid because of the extreme amount of processing power and memory available.


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