The Art of the Start

This book from Guy Kawasaki is the most compact list of sticky notes for starting a company. It is written for for the American market, certainly for the fast changing Bay Area, but it is fast to read, is very direct in his speech and provides valuable tips for providing presentations, what is important in the different phases of a startup and tells something about the common pitfalls on the way. What makes the book serious is for one thing, it is clear that he made sometimes the same mistakes and on the other side, whoever was part of one or more Startups has already made sometimes the same experiences … interesting that they seem not so different from the American soil.
The book is something you should read every time you are involved in processes mentioned in there, as making speeches, presentations, recruiting, business plans and so on. But beware, Austria is different in a lot of ways and  and besides books you should speak who to someone who has successful started a company (the are a rare species after all ;-)).
Besides, the most common ignorance of Austrian companies is to recognize that they are in the bootstrap phase, most decide if they got funded they are out of it. Nothing can be further from the truth!


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