Are multi-touch displays coming this time?

Microsoft presented on the D5 conference a new concept for multi-touch displays. This demo is different from the amazing one of Jeff Han, who presented his visionary display in the beginning of the year. For the first time, at least I’ve seen this, the display and the running applications interact with real world object as mobiles on the display! It is amazing to thing about it: place your camera on the table, select all available pictures accessible on the display, rearrange them or drop them in baskets, printers … whatever. Another multi-touch system will be the Apple iPhone loaded with Google software. So the technology seems to work and the sensors are for this time not a part of the display instead they are embedded in the frame or realized with multiple cameras. So every display can be used and maybe at least for the consumer market a new metaphor is coming how to interact with computers … at least if you have clean fingers ūüėČ


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