Interesting interpretation of Sūnzǐ bīngfǎ, The Art of War

Sūn Zǐ has written the Sūnzǐ bīngfǎ nearly twenty five centuries ago, but it remains a valuable source of ideas not only for military strategies but it is also very applicable to behavior in modern economy. What makes it valuable today is that you should avoid confrontation at all costs, but if you have to fight for your targets, be prepared and think before you move.
Software development encounters very often the same situation as described by
Sūn Zǐ, but recommendations are not directly applicable. So Bruce F. Webster has written the book The Art of ‘Ware years ago and the second version is now in work. The interpretation of the core tenets are very well interpreted for our modern times and provide very interesting ideas how to behave in the uncertain terrain of software development or -markets. You may have heard some ideas in other forms elsewhere, but this version maps all thirteen tenets to our everyday problems and is written in the compact style of the original work. The draft is available in public for three.

Americans are very fascinated by Sūn Zǐ so no wonder they try to interpret the original work in a lot of fields. But a lot of his original tenets seem to be a strong meme and at least this version I’ve found interesting to read.


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