Best book so far of 2007

The book Beautiful Code edited by Andy Oram and Greg Wilson is a collection of 33 essays about what experienced developers declare as beautiful code. The essays cover a wide range of languages or have you lately seen any book where you can find code snippets from Java, C#, Lisp, Perl, C/C++ and Fortran? Nearly all articles are well written and tell a story about a neat peace of code which solves a mostly not so simple problem well. My five favorites are the following ones:

  • A Regular Expression Matcher by Brain Kernighan
    A story how interesting and simple a regular expression method could be …
  • Beautiful Tests by Alberto Savoia
    Why binary search implementation is not so simple as most people think …
  • A Spoonful of Sewage
    Handle concurrency is hard, handle it in the Solaris kernel well is a challenge …
  • Beautiful Debugging by Andreas Zeller
    How delta debugging came into the world …
  • Writing Programs for “The Book” by Brain Hayes
    A simple geometric problem which is not so simple as it seems on the first glance …

All other stories are also worth to read, although sometimes I had to admit I got lost in code (especially in Fortran or Lisp).


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