Beautiful Code: Quaere

If you are on the Java Side of Life you are certainly very jealous on the C# world because with the coming of LINQ you have a very nice and useful framework to resolve query tasks on any thinkable object structure (or XML, SQL, Amazon, whatever). Because Java is based on byte code and not on a flexible intermediate language as it is the case for the CLR, there will no big change in the near future for supporting new language features (but hopefully the generics will be repaired …). I personally think with the availability of JRuby we will see some cool extensions but at least for LINQ there is a new interesting project from Anders Norås: Quaere
This is a very nice project of an DSL with the API copied from LINQ and the use of ANTLR 3 to realize the same feeling and functionality. The projected is in it´s first steps, so there are some obstacles and not all is working as expected, but it is a nice peace of code and really worth reading. Hopefully it will mature …

Maybe Java will never have comparable structures as the expression tree which is the backbone of LINQ but maybe more elegant and useful APIs based on DSLs and JRuby will surface.

UPDATE: The new Quaere Home could be found at Codehaus.


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