JAOO 2007, Day 0

Arrival in Aarhus for the JAOO 2007! With a friend I’m the whole week up in Denmark and we will listen to the presentation in the following 3 days and afterwards attend some of the tutorials, in my case the tutorial of Robert C. Martin about Test Driven Development and Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design. The flight was without problems although the Quick check in at Vienna Airport was not so quick at all because the terminal was unable to print the tickets (no problem, you can simply open the box and see what was left inside the printer …), finally we had to check in in the traditional way. At the arrival in Aarhus we run into Rajeev Dayal from Google who gives a talk about GWT 1.4 on JAOO. We are staying in the same hotel, as seems most of the attendees, which is, to say it nice, a bit old fashioned. But it is certainly enough for the week. We were out for lunch and had a interesting discussion how they develop GWT, about language design, C# and Java and about Rich Internet Clients. Tomorrow the conference will start and it will be a challenge to decide which speaker should be heard.

Long way to the gate Sometimes the only way in is not so obviousSettled inThe conference hallThe preferred danish transportation


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