JAOO 2007, Day 3

The first talk was held by Wayne Fenton from eBay who told how the tackle the chellange of skaling eBay. What was interesting is, that the have to deploy their features constantly, at least every 2 weeks. The deployments have not only to be deployable but also to be undeployable without hassle! Their critical data is hosted by Oracle, not so critical things are based on MySQL. The split their data according to the functionality of the application, use Sun Solaris in a virtualization environment and Tibco as Event Bus for monitoring. LDAP is used for configuration and deployment. Very interesting talk.
Robert S. Hanmer talks about fault tolerance and emphasis how important the distinction between error, failure and mitigation of the failure is. He currently writes on a book about this. Because he comes from a Telco and Joe Amstrong (Erlang) was also in the audience there was a lifely discussion what the write granularity for mitigation is (the process itself according to Joe). The have a product up and running with the reliability of 9 nines! 99,9999999 availability, and they can proof it (it is a Ericcson Telco switch).
Kevlin Henney talks about the different nations of performance and basically shows that it is a feature which is cross cutting through the whole system and should influence design, architecture and implementation but depends on the context of the application. Great presentation as ever.
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock talks about her experience as long time architecture reviewer and it was interesting to hear that the best thing you can do is to behave like Columbo: ask questions which seems to be silly and try to get contact to all people that really matter there.
The panel afterwards includes besides Kevlin, Wayne, Rebecca, Klaus Marquadt also part time Joseph Yoder and Markus Völter (he wants a architecture language of some kind to express the intentions) and some others of the audience and goes very lively about the theme if architecture really matters. The important point is, if architects can not implement their models, at least a prototype, architecture has no value for itself. Architecture matters but it is a intrinsic feature and the metaphor that it is something which is inhibited by the developers and kept clean (given by Rebecca) is a good explanation why you should care. Interesting was the question of documentation because one out of the audience brought up the question that the best thing maybe is to make a movie from the architecture representation, not longer as 15 minutes and store the movie. The quoted Jeff Sutherland for this idea and practices it in his company. Fascinating idea I have to admit.

The final conference panel was held by Martin Fowler and includes Eric Meijer, Eric Evans, Eric Dörnenburg and Diana Larsen. The basic question was what was the most interesting thing for all of them, but the discussion was very dynamic including the audience about the question why JavaScript sucks and why DSLs, if context specific, are very useful. Diana was sadly a bit misplaced.

eBay is integratingSomeone was to late for track hostingNo failures at this talkHenley fascinating as everTelling war stories about architecture reviewPanel with the right architectureFinally, the evil empire and the rebels


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