JAOO 2007, Day 5

The last day was a tutorial from Eric Evans who explained a lot of his ideas behind Domain Driven Design and showed some very interesting tutorial because allthough he is a very slow speaker, what he says is very precise and pointed. DDD can bridge the gap between requirements or stories to well though tasks and design models. Successful modeling needs extensive interaction between development and domain expert. His talk, the tutorial and the book, which I have read a year ago, make now more sense to me because the patterns discussed were not the whole thing, at least as important is to understand the domain in a common language, an ubiquities language for all participants.
We tried to catch the right bus, and after a long drive we were at the airport. The first thing was that we were not able to check our baggage through to Vienna because of security reasons. This worked on our arrival, so why not now!? Second interesting thing was, our flight had one our delay, so we missed the second one to Vienna. So now I’m sitting in the airport and write this blog … waiting for the first flight at 06:55.
PreperationsMaster at workNot our flight, damned!OpenSpace extended with Eric Evans on Aarhus airportWaiting for help …Finally CopenhagnNight on airport

UPDATE: Finally we are back in Vienna!
Our planeFinally back in Vienna!


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