Three weeks with Vista x64

Since three weeks I using Vista x64 on my workstation and my overall impression is positive. For one thing, the transformation was without problems, all my hardware devices have stable x64 drivers, the main obstacle was to install the new version without reactivation. But there is a small tool, ARBbeta3, which can safe existing activation credentials and restore them on the same Vista edition. More interesting is that there are less 64 bit versions of various tools available as I thought. Most 32 bit software works without problem but it would be nice to have a text editor with 64 bit support or at least Eclipse in a working version (at least Eclipse will be available with the version 3.4). Dot.Net was no problem, all though Visual Studio lost the “Edit and Continue” capability. Another sad thing is that Open Office has no 64 bit version as well as that all browser have to work with 32 bit because nearly no plug in is available for this platform. This is also true for Java, which has no 64 bit client runtime available.
I’ve used Ubuntu as 64 bit version for a longer time and in general Vista has a far better support of hardware and a flawless integration of older software.
I also took by backup now more serious and bought a external RAID, a Synology DiskStation 207+, and using Acronis TrueImage for full system backups. Both I can highly recommend.


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