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Contribute to a book

O’Reilly has started their first trial for a open book content contribution project. Because it is about software engineering I think most people working in this very sophisticated and world changing domain have a strong opinion to some points. It will also be interesting how well this works for O’Reilly. The concept was and is used for a lot of smaller book projects but I think O’Reilly ist the first big commercial publisher who is using this technique.

Stop Blair !

Maybe it doesn’t help much but one of the worst things which could happen to Europe is to have Tony Blair in any official office. So please sign this petition!

The “emotional center” of a nation

The Technology Review “You Don’t Understand Your Audience” article by John Hockenberry is a well told story how the broadcasting networks in the United States, especially NBC, have changed their style of presenting news after 9/11 to the worse. Not the truth or the facts are the main theme, now the “emotional center” of the nation has to be supported, good journalism does not matter any more.
This article is a good example how traditional media have changed and why the world now is more attracted by YouType, MySpace and Facebook. Good mainstream journalism seems to be (mostly) dead, at least at the broadcasting networks.