A great build server

For efficient software development you need a reliable and very flexible Continuous Integration server. Most people know CruiseControl(.Net) but everyone who used it knows it is very flexible but has it’s limitations and well, it has a bit “uncool” fronted. After searching for a new one I tried out Jetbrains TeamCity once again. The first version had not provided enough new features to make a switch, but the current version 3.0 (and upcoming 3.1) has features not easily found elsewhere:

  • The concept of build agents: you can install small Java based build agents on various platform (in my case a x64 Windows, a x64 Linux and a IA64 Linux based server), all managed by a single build server. Checkout can take place on the server or on any agent host if SVN is installed there.
  • Remote builds: any user can trigger a remote build from his workstation without commit his code to SVN.
  • Targets ANT, Maven2, NAnt, MSBuild, JUnit, TestNG, NUnit, Visual Studio 2003-2008, IntelliJ projects and simple shell scripts.
  • The Web GUI is cool and workable (as well as the integration in Eclipse, Visual Studio or the Tray).
  • Can integrate third party reports and integrate with any build script.
  • And the professional version is free 😉

So give TeamCity a try if the professional version is enough for your purpose. It solves a lot of problems very elegant and you definitely need less time to manage it.


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