Why it is hard to find good Software Developers

I am currently reading Gunter Dueck‘s newest book and I found a reasonable explanation why it is currently so hard to find good Software Developers: he describes a interesting article by George A. Akerlof, The Market for “Lemons” Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism, which simplified tells us why asymmetrically information can destroy a market. So my thoughts here are that this is maybe a reason why it is currently very hard to find good people: most companies have no knowledge about how to distinguish between different qualities of work and why it can make sometimes more impact as “process re-engineering”. For this reason, they do not know how they can evaluate the market and they expected on the over side that a lot of “lemons” are there, mostly they compare by price. The article tells us that in this situation the market loose the really valuable people, because they either have to sell them self on same low level or they have to leave the market at all (and become managers, consultants or freelancers).
May be this thought is a bit far fetched but it is definitely the best explanation I’ve found so far because the currently the market for above sub-standard Software Developers is in a imbalance.


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