Microsoft CHESS for managed code available!

Presented on the PDC 2008, Microsoft has finally released the first version of the concurrency unit-testing tool CHESS. It was available already for Win32 applications but is now also available for managed Win32 code and integrated in Visual Studio 2008. Because CHESS is controlling all threads and their schedule while executing your code it will find “Heisenbugs”, means it is possible for the first time to build unit tests which are capable to test concurrency reliable.  This is a unique capability which I’ve not seen  in any other  test framework,  so it will be interesting to run it against some code of my own as well as from 3rd party libraries…
The only downside so far is that the Visual Studio version needed is the Team System one, because of the Microsoft unit test framework, which is not available to everyone. But Microsoft provides a trial version, valid until December 2009, as Virtual PC image so there is a way to use CHESS.


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