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What Lean and Agile really means in development

The latest book of Craig Larman, Scaling Lean & Agile Development, written with Bas Vodde is a very well written guideline and collection of suggestions how Scrum can be scaled to larger teams (meaning more than 7 members). Instead of suggesting more organizational clutter like “Scrum-of-Scrums” it focus an really challenging topics like how to handle large backlogs without loosing the view for the big picture. Besides providing practical suggestions, the book does also a very well job in providing introductions to the values and ideas behind Scrum which are rooted in the Lean and Agile movement as well as in classical ones such as System Thinking. This is the first book I’ve seen which combines a long time of personal experience with all important values and ideas from the domains of Lean, Agile and Scrum (and their foundations) in a very compact form.
Highly recommended!