First impression of VS 2010

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is publically available and besides CLR/.Net 4.0 the IDE itself changes a bit:

  • The Visual Studio Shell 2010 is based on WPF, the first time Microsoft actually is using this in one of its own product.
  • Some features available in R# are now also directly supported by the IDE like symbol navigation and automatic implementation generation.
  • Silverlight and F# are integrated out of the box.
  • Historical debugging is an interesting new concept, the debugger now tracks certain events until you actually hit your break point.
  • Some basic support for UML was added.

All in all the switch to WPF gives the Visual Studio Shell new important graphical possibilities. WPF has also a big downside: it needs a lot more resources as the old forms, so you need a bit more graphical and computational power as with the current version. At least you will know why 2 or 4 cores are useful … The Team Foundation Server functionality will be also extended but as it looks the knew version is no improvement to the current one, which is not worth the money and effort, so it will be easier to invest in a working issue tracker, a build server, a test case management tool and a usable wiki. Integration is overrated if it is not usable in real projects effectively …


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