The day the western democratic culture ran amok

As most people I’ll never forget 9/11, watching the impact of the second plane into the WTC live on TV. Then it was clear that this was no accident but a coordinated attack. Seeing the fate of doom and death of so many people live was for everyone watching an extreme emotional moment.
A lot of 9/11 will remain a mystery for decades (maybe planned by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh with involvement of ISI, maybe financed by Saudis, maybe executed by some Al-Qaeda branded simpletons, maybe quickly used by the war criminals Dick and Don to establish their idea of an empire and Silverstein by blasting WTC 7 deliberately), the event was ending the post 1989 time as we knew it. The outcome 10 years after was certainly nobody has though of:

  • The US has become a, partially hidden, police state lost most of its high valuable civil liberties (Europe as always not far behind)
  • The US wage 2 large wars, supported by Europe) with hundred thousands of dead civilians, resulting in two failed states, and several small wars fought by SOCOM. The US is now in constant war, no end in sight.
  • The Neo-Conservative empire Dick and Don dreamed of never happened (although they are happy with the money still coming out from their business activities)
  • The “War on Terror” has become the “War for Terror”, spreading terror worldwide.
  • The UN was mocked by Colin Powell and lost credibility worldwide. Torture banned before 9/11 is now widely used and accepted although proved useless.

Interestingly, 2011, seems to be also a year then history changed course. Wikileaks showed that it is still possible to publish the truth. The “Arabic Spring” proves that people have more power for Change as any would-be terrorist, dictator or foreign government ever imagined. Fukushima proved more than Tschernobyl that a nuclear accident is impossible to handle. Anonymous started a valid fight against information control and for lost liberties (with LulzSec making some unnecessary stunts). The Ponzi scheme of the global finance finally seems to toppling over (with the hope to be regulated in the last minute).

So what will we see in 10 years? Strong, proud new democratic states in the Middle East? A self-sufficient Europe supporting its elderly population? A US which regained its liberties and comes back on the path of science and culture? China finally established as the new economic super power with India and Brazil following closely behind? The realization that Climate Change has already started and it is most important so safe millions of people by technology and knowledge? A financial system supporting the economy and not destroying it? Bradley Manning not executed?

We will see …


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