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The Amazon Empire

Got a nice link (thanks @goertsch) for a good presentation covering Amazon’s vast retail empire. Most interesting and always fascinating is that basically Amazon is a classic retail store but was the only one which really understood what eCommerce meant nearly two decades ago. Second, Amazon is focusing on the customer first. I am now more than a decade a very happy customer protected and supported against delivery or quality obstacles by Amazon. Third, Amazon is fully automated with a high profile real-time inventory management, one of the first which worked. Also they secure their customer data with care (Sony, here you can learn how it is done).
Amazon is currently expanding to all forms of digital content, in the media always a bit in the Apple/Google shadow, but will finally come out as winner because producers can earn money and customers by cheaper and in higher quality (compared to iTunes/Google Music & Books).
What I think Amazon may should do in the future is to extend the long tail to small, existing, physical existing stores and help them to sell their products location aware using the Amazon brand. Amazon can provide more services and higher trust and honesty than eBay.

Ps.: And please Amazon, Kindle V4 should have a Mirasol display 😉