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Unnecessary ghosts from the past

I have recently read a book about the last big cholera epidemic in London which leads to one of the first great data visualisations, Snow’s Map. He counted the number of deaths at every location so this is how he found the center of the epidemic at the Broad Street pump and discovered that the contaminated water was responsible. Currently cholera is back in Zimbabwe on large scale. The most important thing of the treatment is simply clean water, which seems not to be available any more in a country which was one of the highest developed ones before 1980 and destroyed by the criminal regime of Robert Mugabe. It is time that the neighbour countries take care of this mess.

How silly can they be?

The french presidency seems not to have understand that they put with their decision (see also this blog entry) in favour of the old car industry not only the environment targets at stake but also the industry by itself. The old car industry is dieing, certainly not all as fast as GM, and has to reinvent itself, which is possible, for providing electric or hybrid cars as well as using the chance to be in a leading role in this new market. Yes, the old management is sponsoring, aka lobbing, the current decision makers, but at least the EU parliament should be aware that by voting against this agreement they will safe a lot more jobs in the near future. 
Changing old industries needs the force by public or goverment otherwise they will overlook the point of no return and die.

Why Ralph Nader is special

I recently watched the interview with Ralph Nader at Google and I have to say I was impressed. Not so well known in Europe, Ralph Nader is a political activist with an unbreakable optimism to change the United States in a country which it could be. So listen to his speech and admire how he keeps up his spirit in a country with one party in two flavors and a war criminal leading for two administrations …

Stop Blair !

Maybe it doesn’t help much but one of the worst things which could happen to Europe is to have Tony Blair in any official office. So please sign this petition!

The “emotional center” of a nation

The Technology Review “You Don’t Understand Your Audience” article by John Hockenberry is a well told story how the broadcasting networks in the United States, especially NBC, have changed their style of presenting news after 9/11 to the worse. Not the truth or the facts are the main theme, now the “emotional center” of the nation has to be supported, good journalism does not matter any more.
This article is a good example how traditional media have changed and why the world now is more attracted by YouType, MySpace and Facebook. Good mainstream journalism seems to be (mostly) dead, at least at the broadcasting networks.

“Director’s cut” of news feeds

This is an older but never less interesting documentation about what you can see and hear if you listen to satellite news feeds. I think is not so easy any more because today most stuff is encrypted and already cut before broadcasting.

On the evil side

Google has the motto “Don’t be evil.”, but sometimes they are definitely misguided. Google’s advertising group for the health care industry has it’s own blog and the newest entry is a recommendation for the poor companies which are target of Michael Moore’s newest movie “Sicko” how to support people to find the “true” information about them with the help of Google Ads. Micheal Moore always exaggerate in his movies but they help to set the spotlight on the weak places in the American society. Google is the premium access point to find information on the Internet and it is, also incontestable, a commercial company which has the primary target to make money, nothing else. But I think Google has now also a responsibility to balance the interests of the public and their commercial targets, but if they have to choose they always choose the profitable one (as seen with China).

News that is “overlooked” by commercial media

Not only Europe, also the USA has a de facto censorship of the press which is currently by far stronger than every time in the history because of the stupid and commercial interestingWar on terrorism“. A lot of stories pill be actively or indirect prohibited for publications. These two sides at least publish interesting ones on the internet.